Who are the most famous advertisers?

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The most important Italian advertisers

The history of advertising with the birth of the internet, and the online sponsorships associated with it, have changed considerably over the last few years. What has not changed with the passing of time is the importance that the graphic impact has in the success of an advertising campaign, whether it is offline advertising or online advertising.
If we think about advertising in Italy, curiosity is born spontaneously: who are the most famous advertisers? How did they mark the history of Italian advertising?

Famous graphic designers: Armando Testa

The first of the list and most worth of being mentioned is Armando Testa. Today we recognize his hand in the advertising of the Esselunga with “John Lemon” and “Melanzana Jones”, but in his repertoire we should remember his collaboration with important brands such as Martini & Rossi, Carpano, Borsalino and Pirelli. His works are exhibited all over the world and his studio dedicated to graphic and television advertising has collaborated over the years with companies such as Lavazza, Simmenthal and Lines.

Oliviero Toscani and Benetton

Unable to be forgotten are also the advertising campaigns made by Oliviero Toscani for Benetton. From violence against women to racism, Toscani has always faced very important issues in his advertising, working with Benetton for eighteen years.
Some of his advertisements have been censored and boycotted, despite the beauty of his images that has influenced the success of many of the first brands, among them Benetton, who has become one of the five most important brands in the world over the years.

Bruno Munari

From Danese to Olivetti, passing through Campari and Mondadori: these are the great brands with which Bruno Munari collaborated. Artist, graphic designer and designer, he is one of the founders of the MAC, a concrete art movement. Among his advertisements, the one that will surely remain in history is the celebrated Campari poster of 1962. It is also worth mentioning the exhibition of programmed art at the Olivetti showroom in Milan.

Erberto Carboni

Who does not remember Barilla’s advertising of “real egg pasta”? The advertisement of Erberto Carboni, was shown for many years on RAI and in some of the most important food industries in our country such as Motta, Barilla and Pavesi. He also made Shell and Bertolli commercial posters, and not only: Carboni produced a coordinated graphic line, from packaging to advertising posters.

Advertising slogans

What shouldn’t be missed with an engaging advertising graphic is a slogan that remains embedded in the customer’s memory. “Where is Barilla there is a home”, “More white cannot”, “What world would be without Nutella,” “What do you want more than life?”, There are a lot of advertising slogans that have entered our common language . But what if you talk about online advertising? Is the content of the advertising campaign always important online? The answer is absolutely yes. For this reason, it is crucial to choose an agency for its online advertising campaigns that has a good creative team inside it. Do you want to create a creative online advertising campaign? What’s the matter: contact us


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