Medium and long term analysis and plan for the online market

Digital Strategy
& Identity


  • Medium / long term plan

  • Multichannel strategy

  • Positioning Goals

  • ROI

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Why Key-One

  • 360 ° digital skills

    Complete and in-depth know-how in the Digital field, enriched by the continuous design, innovation and transformation activity

  • Strategic networks and partnerships

    In approaching our clients' strategic plan, we bring the value of our relationships and partnerships, whether it matters of technical or logistics. financial, etc., giving them an active contribution in simplification and speed of execution

  • Research and scouting of technologies

    Bringing our customers distinctive and innovative ideas, not only in creativity but also in technology

  • In facts

    We deal directly with translating strategies and ideas into digital services and processes, measurable and comparable with KPIs

Key-One for the Digital Transformation

  • M / L term plan
  • Multichannel
  • Positioning
  • ROI
  • M / L term plan
  • Multichannel
  • Positioning
  • ROI

Medium / long term plan

A complete and detailed Digital Strategy for the online channel includes projections and multi-year plans

  • of market forecast
  • of positioning and growth
  • technological

in addition to the short term seasonal presence and turnover activities. The most significant return of the investment (ROI) in the online channel occurs in the medium / long term range

Multichannel Strategy

Digital is by its nature a multi-channel system (web, social, marketplace, sector portals, for example), in addition to the customer’s traditional operational and commercial processes.

There are therefore aspects of

  • content delivery on different media (digital and not)
  • management of customer’s daily operations

that impose a strategic vision and organizational skills suitable for multi-channeling

Brand Positioning Goals

The dynamics of the Online channel and Digital Marketing have their own specific logics of positioning and competitive advantage, which impose

  • market and competition analysis
  • supervision and monitoring
  • measurable economic and awareness returns

with quick response and reactions of market and competitors.

Brand Positioning plan and goals represent the main aspect of the company Digital Strategy.


Strategy and operations on the digital channel benefit from the extreme analyticity and measurability of actions and behaviors.

  • audience and traffic on website and social media
  • answers and conversations with prospect customers
  • conversions and economic transactions

these are all behaviors and events that are transformed into returning data useful for measuring the degree of achievement of the objectives, and therefore the rate of return on the customer’s investment in Digital.

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Enhance your “Digital Strategy & Identity” activity

A Digital Specialist will be at your disposal

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