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People, know-how and organizational skills

We are well established and recognised technological partners for web and online markets, offering a distinctive product compared to other conventional digital agencies.

Customers and markets link up to companies and brands capable of creating the User Experience, best suited to fulfill their needs and expectations.

Key-One, a Digital Agency based in Milan, and present in both domestic and international markets, can transform companies by designing best-in-class user experiences, led by strong creativity and rooted in technology, data analysis and organizational strategy.

We combine this expertise in a unique fashion, helping small, medium and large companies to create and develop their business, so as to promote lasting relationships with their customers.
Listening, researching and proper implementation methods are at the basis of our practice to help companies innovate and realise their ambitions.

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Team and values

  • Passion

  • Curiosity

  • Active research

Management experiences

We approach customers and markets with an extensive experience in the search for innovation, a consolidated speed in learning and capitalization of ideas and projects. We know how to introduce ideas and projects into even complex organizations.

Our management has a track of important experiences in innovative industries, in our country or internationally as well. We pay constant attention to social and market dynamics, a key factor in understanding and anticipating trends and changes.

Dynamic and functional organization

An organization suited to fit the added value of our services, and to the growth of the team’s skills. An internal operating model and customer approach designed:

  • by competence
  • for ease of collaboration dynamics
  • integration with customers and project teams

A growing group that is always stimulated in its transformation paths.

International vision

  • For our history

    Mentality "beyond borders", for ambition and cultural growth, curiosity, benchmark and learning from different social and economic cultures. In addition to everyday relationships with European countries, we have extra-continental experiences including California, China, Israel, North Africa

  • For management skills

    Our management stands out for its mentality and international experience, and personal track records. We use to "look beyond" for both commercial objectives and technological research and partnerships, as passionate explorers.

  • Know-how on specific countries

    We cumulate international experiences, listening to the values and goals of our contacts and customers in different countries, stimulated by cultural diversity, thus increasing our international network.


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Key-One, with its competence and passion, dedicates know-how and resources to the study and research of the most appropriate innovations to fit curiosity and creativity of customers.

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We share vision and innovative competences with researchers and passionate about:

  • Multimedia

  • Extreme experiences

  • Technologies and ecosystems development

  • Disruption & transformation

We aim to an innovation made of #research #benchmark #inspiration, feeding contests and relationships for sharing the most significative experiences

We like to share with colleagues and technological partners the observation of the “future” innovation trends still far from go to market processes, as well as the potential unfolding of different business models and technology disruption waves.