Drive your branding strategy with social media

If you are trying as much as possible to establish the online presence of your business, surely you have started browsing the web for some advice on how to proceed. With equal certainty, one of the expressions you will have come across has been “branding strategy“.

But what does it mean? We could say that a branding strategy is a real plan that aims to put your brand at the center of every communication, but in the right way. This means that users must not perceive the message as self-promotion at all costs.

When are we sure we have worked in the right way? Well, when we have become recognizable for our target customers, we will have the awareness that we have moved in the right direction.

Creating a logo: inspiration & strategy

One of the first steps to take, from the perspective of a branding strategy, is certainly the creation of a logo. It seems trivial, but the choice must be carefully considered, since your brand will be associated with an image for a long time, perhaps forever. How should the logo be? Surely it will have to tell something about your business and its products, even represent the values ​​it conveys.

Is it possible to be able to express all these things in such a small area? The work of a graphic designer, however competent, is not enough. This needs to be supported by a team of communication professionals.

Let’s take an example, citing Apple. If initially he had chosen an illustration for his logo in which Isaac Newton was represented – sitting under a tree from which a prominent apple was hanging -, over the years he decided to “lighten” everything, without breaking the common thread with the brand image it had already built.

A wise choice – it is almost never a good move to opt for a caesura, destabilizing your target – which has allowed Apple to refresh its brand identity, making its logo, in a word, iconic.

If, on the other hand, you are wondering what values ​​can be conveyed behind a bitten apple, just reflect on the fact that in English “bite” is called “bite”, a term that has a clear assonance with the byte, a computer unit of measurement. In addition, the slogan chosen “bite the apple”, evoked in the imagination of users an extremely simple action to perform, an action that had the flavor of a promise: using Apple products will be as easy as biting an apple.

As you can see, the creation of a logo is something to think about carefully, especially since it is visible on social networks with a certain frequency – image of the various profiles, photos posted on which the logo itself is superimposed, etc. – will be able to print in the customer’s head, as long as it is effective.

Winning content and tone of voice for your social media strategy? Those chosen for your company

Many laymen believe that writing on social media is an extremely simple activity that does not require particular effort. Yes, it is true that everyone knows how to write a few lines for a post, but how many manage to do so, really capturing the attention of readers?

This is exactly the point. To capture the attention of readers, you need to develop a social media strategy designed especially for them. Nobody cares to read that your products are the best and that you are the top on the market.

The best choice to take is to create really interesting content, to the point of making the reader “fall in love”. Obviously, each post will be aimed at achieving a specific goal, aimed at developing your strategy in practice.

These objectives must be carefully studied, established upstream and finally transposed into the editorial plan for social media.

Of course, every social network prefers a particular type of content and a certain tone of voice, which, however, must always be consistent. There are social channels, like Linkedin, in which our tone will have to be more calm and formal, and there are others, like Facebook, in which it can be lighter. But you should never, however, give your customers the impression of being in front of a “bipolar” brand.

Moreover, if you had succeeded in the enterprise of being consistent, you must know that this is not enough to write in the right way. The expert communicator knows that without an analysis of their target, you can’t go anywhere.

Think of Ceres: would it have had the same success if it had approached its customers – characterized by a medium-young age, lovers of relaxation and fun – in a formal way and not with the usual light-hearted and light tone that distinguishes it? Probably not.

The issue is similar for Instagram, where the aesthetic factor prevails. Opting for the publication of an image with an ever-changing style is counterproductive: even in this case being recognizable rewards. Using a studied color palette or ad hoc filters or “composing” the image in a certain way seem unimportant choices, but they do nothing but consolidate our branding strategy.

If you are wondering, unfortunately no, there is no perfect formula for all brands. But there is the right one for your business. Finding it is a complex job, applying it even more. Key-One is the digital agency in Milan that can support you in this difficult mission: contact us for advice and find out what services we can offer to your brand!


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