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Search engines positioning

Having a well-positioned website within the search engines is crucial to your business. Key-One as a SEO agency in Milan has been dealing with content marketing and SEO copywriting for multiple clients for more than ten years. Having quality content is the first golden rule to have a well-positioned website; therefore, it is crucial to contact a team of experts in online content creation.

What does SEO means?

Being at the right place at the right time is as important on Google as in life, and for this reason appearing among the first results of the search engine can dramatically change the performance of our business. So what does SEO mean? With the term SEO you define the Search Engine Optimization, that is search engine optimization. How to optimize your website, if not through the content inside it? Content marketing activities must take into account different factors related to content quality, but at the same time the “basic rules” related to the use of keywords during the drafting of the text.

Network display

When we talk about content, we are not talking only about textual content, but also about the images, we embed inside our website. Images must also be able to let the customer “find ourselves” and this can only be possible by relying on industry professionals. Good images with the right description will help not only by guarantee a good positioning of the website, but will be useful to your business to have a real network display.

Web marketing consultancy

Making yourself familiar with the web is very important, but at the same time, it is important to grasp the right key to be able to tell about itself. Having a well-defined editorial plan for topics, keywords, and consistency of content is only possible by relying on an experienced consultant on the subject. Improving is not recommended because you may choose certain topics that are not appropriate to the visibility of your website. Key-One deals with web marketing consulting at three hundred and sixty degrees, succeeding in enhancing content not only within the website, but also through social media with targeted communication based on shared goals and target audience. Do you want your website to become a kingdom of quality content? You just have to contact us.


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