Business Storytelling: How to make your brand known

Every one of us has a story to tell, and when it comes to a company, the story can become very important in communicating its values and brand history and making them stronger.
This is a case we are speaking about the business storytelling, that is, the ability to narrate corporate values through the story, with images or videos, aimed at the emotionally engagement of those who are listening or looking at us. What is communicated is the value of the brand, so that it is shared with its own audience of reference.

A narrative teaching technique for companies

The story has always been a value in our lives, starting with our childhood, to our everyday life, when we talk about what happened to us during the day. Often we do not realize, however, as we hear a story, that the most engaging narratives are almost always attributable to ancient myths. In this teaching of narrative technique, the mythical hero, represented by the protagonist, performs in the story a path leading to the end of the story to conquer new awe. The structure of the journey and the steps which sluold be taken to reach the goal are enclosed in a single big cycle that the writer Christopher Vogler calls “The Hero’s journey.”

The hero’s journey: storytelling

Christopher Voegler, follower of Campbell, resumed “The Hero of Thousand Faces” to study the structure of the myth and to develop the scheme of the hero’s journey. This process has become the matrix of stories not only for cinema and for television, but also when we talk about business storytelling today.


The stories we tell always have a beginning, a protagonist, a goal to reach, an enemy, a reward and an end. The more the narration will be engaging, the more we will have the chance to grasp the emotions of our interlocutor and make sure that he also narrates our story.

Think of this concept and apply it to your company or your brand: you will realize that, this scheme must necessarily be applied by companies, to tell customers the products or services they sell, but above all to inform them about their growth path.

Social media and storytelling: why are they the right tool

Among the tools available to communicate the value of our company, the social media-storytelling combination is surely one of the most successful.  Why?
Because social interaction is possible, it is possible to create real conversations with its customers, exploiting different platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter: All socials give us the opportunity to tell who we are. Think of Instagram and its Stories: every day 200 million active users share a story with their contacts. For businesses, it is possible to show the history of their brand, what they do every day, in order to share their everyday life, their values, and thus make the users feel part of them. Content marketing has become fundamental to business: to find out how we tell you every day, you just have to visit our Fanpage


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