Cosa può fare un’agenzia digitale ai tempi dell’IA

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In the era of artificial intelligence, where AI allows us to bridge the gap between the user and the company and set up more effective and targeted marketing automation communications, it is important to choose the right digital agency. That is, a digital agency specialized in AI and more, capable of building a different market positioning mode suitable for the future with each client. Key-one is the web agency in Milan that applies research and expertise to integrate complex innovative tools into the development of websites, apps and much more, also exploiting artificial intelligence, augmented reality or smarcontract through blockchain. The final result is the design of the best digital experiences for both the individual brand and each customer.

For example, through intelligent conversation software used by Key-one it is possible to generate a database of information on users interacting with chatbots, essential for setting up the target of a marketing automation communication and dedicated offers. But before going into detail and dealing with services related to effective digital communication, let’s first see what a digital agency means and how a digital agency can offer various advantages.

What does a digital agency do?

A digital agency is a company specialized in providing services related to a business’s presence on the web (such as creating a website or brand identity campaigns) and promoting services and products on the internet. This means proposing the most suitable digital solution for each client’s needs and providing constant support in achieving goals and growing the business. In this sense, it is essential that a digital agency knows all digital communication channels, the most performing techniques, and can develop a precise digital strategy. How? First of all, by outlining the most suitable action plan to achieve the set goals. That is, in the broad activity of digital marketing, a web marketing plan must be included to define the path to follow, starting from the analysis of competitors. It is also useful to have a team of professionals specialized in various fields of digital communication, such as digital strategists, SEO specialists, website developers and graphic designers, copywriters, web analysts and ads specialists, social media managers etc. Only in this way can the agency take care of the client’s activity promotion 360° by implementing and managing the best strategies.

The top 5 benefits a digital agency can offer you

So what are the main advantages that a digital agency can offer compared to those who opt for a ‘do-it-yourself marketing’? Those who choose to entrust their communication to a web agency can derive at least 5 great benefits:

  • Save time and costs in selecting other internal staff.
  • Focus only on the core business of the activity.
  • Have a team of industry experts available.
  • Be able to count on project flexibility and external perspectives of competent professionals.
  • Be able to measure results with modern and advanced technologies.

The services offered by a digital agency

First of all, a digital agency must know how to accompany the customer in achieving their communication and digital promotion goals by proposing tailor-made solutions. Going into detail, the services that a digital agency like Key-one can offer you are:

  • Design and development of websites, from the purchase of the domain to the creation of each individual page.
  • Development and management of e-commerce and full outsourcing sales sites.
  • Creation of a marketing plan, analyzing what competitors do, what the customer’s strengths and weaknesses are, what the value proposition is etc.
  • Creation of a digital marketing strategy to promote the brand and grow the business with the right online strategy.
  • Drafting of strategic editorial plans with content developed in an SEO perspective to obtain a higher positioning on search engines, more traffic and consequently have more possibilities to convert users into leads based on the marketing plan.
  • Planning of email marketing and development of retention activities to retain acquired customers.
  • Management of social channels with the creation and publication of differentiated content depending on the target and social.

How can AI and chatbots help companies communicate with new customers?

In this perspective of digitization of activities, it is impossible not to also evaluate the implementation of artificial intelligence and chatbot tools. The latter, for example, allows you to improve the performance of online shopping. If we then add a further piece of data, namely that almost 80% of information on e-shops today is provided by an artificial intelligence system, then the answer to how important it is to have one for your business will be quite clear. AI, combined with instant messaging, also allows you to improve the conversion rate and the chatbot in this sense proves to be an excellent tool in the customer care field or to redirect the user to an operator who can handle a specific problem. Similarly, the use of AI to set up intelligent searches, discounts or surveys is useful on the one hand to increase corporate brand reputation and on the other to create greater engagement with users, as should be the case in any digital marketing activity.

Do you want to know more about our digital agency in Milan and what services we can offer you to boost your business and meet your customers’ expectations? Contact us and we will give you all the information you need!


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