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Starting from the end of 2019, we have dedicated ourselves to the creation of an e-commerce and a digital marketing strategy for the Le Celizie brand.

Le Celizie, the brand of excellence of the food company Food 2.0, produces and distributes a wide range of handmade products certified gluten-free, organic, vegan, GMO-free and free of major allergens throughout Italy.

Controlled raw materials, healthy food, artisan quality and excellent service are the values ​​at the basis of the philosophy of the Le Celizie brand. It is on these principles that our brand awareness strategy is based, designed to expand the brand’s target not only to those who do not tolerate certain foods but also to all those who prefer a healthy and genuine lifestyle, starting from the table.

UX, UI and e-commerce design and development

Having defined the strategy to be adopted, we started with the design and development of the new e-commerce, to allow the brand to reach the final consumer directly.

We have dedicated ourselves to the development of a Word Press e-commerce platform, whose front-end interface has been completely customized and treated in detail. The design and layout of the User Experience and User Interface, mobile responsive, are designed to guarantee users an excellent browsing experience and a fast and intuitive purchase path.

The final result is an e-commerce with an impactful but clean design, which is becoming the key to the success of the brand: a wide range of products, availability with guaranteed delivery in 3 days and targeted advertising strategies have allowed, in the last two months , to intercept the new consumer purchasing methods and triple sales.

Social Media Marketing and Advertising Management

We manage and monitor the Facebook and Instagram pages of the Le Celizie brand. The communication strategy is based on a direct and emotional tone of voice with creative contents in a storytelling key and brand awareness to bring users closer to the brand, its values ​​and its products, generating trust in the brand and promoting a lifestyle ” healthy “without giving up the pleasure of taste.

We have also integrated the product catalog on Facebook to give greater visibility to the Le Celizie offer and to the e-commerce itself and, through advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads and Instagram, we intercept both a latent demand, to discover the brand and the products, is a conscious question, to be found by potential customers.

Content Marketing

We constantly monitor the trends of greatest interest relating to the topic of healthy and genuine food, transforming them into SEO-oriented articles that allow you to increase organic traffic to the site and consequently to e-commerce. We also work on the organic front of e-commerce content through on-site SEO activities to intercept organic user searches and optimize the website for search engines

What do we do

  • Design and development of UX and UI design
  • Custom front-end design
  • E-commerce platform design
  • SEO on site
  • Social Media Management
  • Creativity realization
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Content Marketing

The results obtained in February / March

  • Sales tripled compared to the beginning of the year with a growing trend
  • Organic traffic to the site: + 100%
  • Social media engagement: + 1100%
  • Social media fanbase: + 229%

The goals we have set for 2020

Our goal for 2020 is to continue to optimize the growing trend of the brand, also aiming at the internationalization of the brand: we are therefore working to further expand the target of Le Celizie, not only in Italy but also abroad.

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