Instagram shopping: the showcase of products from Facebook to Instagram

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We spend a lot of our day on Instagram: we post photos, share Instagram Stories, chat in direct message and from today we can also go shopping. Thanks to Instagram shopping it is possible to buy products online directly on a profile through the Shopping Tags implemented in the application. Tags can only be used in business profiles and allow you to connect the products in the posts to the shopping on the site, as happens in the Facebook page showcase.

How Instagram Shopping works

Let’s try to better understand how Instagram Shopping works and what advantages it has for our business. Once you have created a company profile, you can tag products making sure you have a showcase on Facebook. The Instagram shopping tag, in fact, can only be used if you have a showcase on your Facebook fanpage. Once all the products have been uploaded to the Facebook shop, it will also be possible to tag them on Instagram: in this way the user will have access to the product information, the price and will be sent back to the online shop.

The benefits of Instagram Shopping

Once we understand how Instagram Shopping works, let’s look at what are the benefits of this new feature. If it is true that most people shop via mobile devices, among the advantages there is certainly the fact that Instagram, thanks to this new function, is now meeting this need. It should not be forgotten, however, that the key element of Instagram is the storytelling: what has given notoriety to various Influencers is having something to tell. For this reason it is important that Brands do not abuse this new feature, but that they keep their profiles with the aim of growing the bond with their community.
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