How Does Apple Pay Work?

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Finally, even in Italy, the wallet is no longer an indispensable element. The arrival of Apple Pay in our country a few days ago bring with it the start of a new era for technology: that of smartphone payments. How Does Apple Pay Work? Thanks to this system, the iPhone is transformed into a real credit card: approaching the phone at the contactless POS and inserting your fingerprints, you will be able to pay

Payments in app

Another use of this tool is that of payments in app. It will be much easier to make purchases in all those sites where we do not have a registered card account. It will be crucial from this point of view to have compatible web sites, some great Italians brands, in fact, have already equipped their websites from this point of view: Unieuro, Deliveroo, easyJet, Giglio and many more. Today Apple Pay can also be used on the web with: Safari Browser and MacBook Pro PC through Touch ID; a post-2012 Mac with the same Wallet account and paired with an iPhone, iPad or Watch compatible.

Peer to peer payments

Besides Apple Pay, over the years, a number of applications have emerged that allow peer to peer payments among those who joined the circuit. Money exchange can take place between private individuals, or between a private and a trader adhering to the circuit. Among the apps that use this payment system are there Satispay, 2Pay, Tinaba, Hype di Banca Sella. These apps work by associating the account Iban, with very low transaction costs and in some cases zero.

Startup and Apple Pay

The Apple Pay mission is therefore to simplify payments on websites and apps that have activated it. With a touch on the Id Touchscreen, you will be able to conclude the transaction: sign up for sites, fill in forms or enter your data for shipment no longer needed. The first startups to integrate this service were Musement, Lanieri and Supermercato24, activities respectively belonging to different sectors: culture, clothing, food.

Payments through whatsapp

The experimentation to pay through Whatsapp has started in India: soon it will be possible to make payments even via social. The concept will be the same as the chat, but it will affect the payment of instantaneous private individuals. The road to the future is that of instant payments from account to account, without any intermediaries.


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