How companies use the chatbot

Chatbot what they are and how they work

The virtual assistant for corporate pages

In the last year we have heard a lot about bots and for the first time not in financial matters. Last year two major giants have expressed themselves on the subject: for Microsoft it’s time over the to talk about the app, but it started the moment to talk of bots. For Facebook any company due to the bot can reach or be reached by its customers without the use of app.

But what are the chatbot and how they are entering into our lives and in the organization of many companies? The bot can be called a virtual assistant based on an artificial intelligence, able to converse with users, collect information and satisfy their demands. Real robots that help us to manage the life of every day, at work and in private.
You know Siri and Cortana? Our two virtual girlfriends are bots.

This technology has enabled many companies to reinvent itselves and provide its customers a useful service to communicate their needs. This gives rise to the chatbot: a service that allows users to have a space for dialogue with a virtual robot and interact with it, on different subjects, for different purposes and to meet diverse needs.

Apps are dead?

The chatbot bridge the gaps between the company and the customer without the latter having to download an application. Think of the process we have always done until now: we see a product or service on the Internet, begin to follow the social channels connected, download the application. If this product or service intrigues us, we put the questions or consult the FAQ; but in some cases we have necessarily to wait for a response from the interlocutor.

From today this wait is over. Our virtual assistant is always ready to find an answer to our needs without having to install an application, all through a chat. Just add our robot friend, ease as adding a new contact. Among the most useful tools to reach users as effectively as possible, there is the tool made available by Facebook. Hook simply up your bot to chat and click on the dedicated button, just as if we were starting a conversation.

What should not be missing in a chatbot

The chatbot are able to understand natural language of man, but what should not be missing in a chatbot? There are three key aspects on which companies and developers can not ignore:

  • A good NLU level: natural language understanding
  • a good artificial intelligence: among the best known LEX, WATSONLUIS
  • a good API (application programming interface) to be used for development.

We no longer speak of software development applications, but the bot development useful for the life of every day users and especially businesses.

A new market for companies

What is the most interesting aspect, therefore, from the point of view of the companies? Anyone can have their own robot. Certain online services are available to users which allows you to create your own bot through an simple and intuitive interface design. In Italy the first major opportunity to create bot Messenger was made available to users from The first platform for chatbot in Italy has inside also a part dedicated to the analysis and reporting, which is critical to monitor the performance of the network. Over the years they have spread to ” bot aggregators ” as where there are bots divided by topic and your platform.

Finally, companies through this virtual intelligence can provide customers a new experience of dialogue and encounter network, while receiving in return the opportunity to grasp the needs of users through one of the elements that makes human being unique: the comparison.


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