Data storytelling what is it?

We have already talked about storytelling and said it is nowadays essential for many companies to tell their story to customers. In this article, however, we will discuss how businesses can build a narrative plot, even to tell the results achieved through storytelling. Speaking to an audience about itself is not easy: often are not able to understand where to start the narrative and where to end it. When the subject matter is numbers, budgets, and results, grasping the right keys to our interlocutors can become even more complex. But what is the data storytelling? And why is it important to use it?

Company Storytelling

The data storytelling is based on the story of a data story, in which we guide who is listening to us, leading him to the end to show the results. Data narration is a very important mode that is part of company storytelling to communicate analytical results. Unfortunately, in many companies, not everyone has enough confidence with the tools to do this activity. In fact, this tool remains, in most cases, used exclusive by analysts in the industry.

Descriptive data analysis

What are the key elements for descriptive data analysis?

  1. Understand the main point of our story
  2. Focus on what we want to tell
  3. Establish a story that is linear
  4. Clarify the narration elements
  5. Use elements that facilitate the narration of data, such as graphs.

What are the steps to take?

  1. Recovery of data
  2. Analysis of selected data
  3. Summary
  4. Return through the story.

Digital storytelling

Narration made with digital instruments, better known as digital storytelling, is therefore taking on the importance of digital businesses. In summary, it consists in organizing selected content in a story that has a solid narrative structure and where it is possible to exploit the tools offered by digital evolution in the best possible way.

Excel and infographic programs are no longer sufficient to capture the attention of the customers: to be able to tell the numbers is the new mission that every company must impose itself


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