Writing a business blog: how can it be useful for your business?

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If you are the owner of a company, in addition to financial statements, problems with suppliers and collection of payments, there is certainly something apparently less urgent, but equally important in determining the success of your business: obtaining leads. Having leads from people who show interest in your brand, or in the products / services you offer, is the preliminary phase to any sale. Remember that the one who is a buyer today was yesterday a perfect stranger that your company has been able to attract to itself. But how? Luck has very little to do with it; Instead, the inbound marketing strategies implemented play a role.

This is precisely the point: inbound marketing must have as its first goal that of naturally attracting the unknown / occasional visitor to the brand with quality content. This is where content marketing comes into play and this is where deciding to write a corporate blog – an activity mistakenly considered a waste of time for the “layman” – turns out to be an intelligent strategic lever.

The benefits of writing a corporate blog

If you believe that having a website is enough to ensure a good online presence, well, now is the time to change your mind. A performing website able to guarantee its visitors a satisfying user experience is an excellent starting point, but it cannot be the only answer to the question “how can I be found?”. In support, we need a dynamic tool that, if properly used, lends us a hand in the climb of the SERP: the company blog.

But why does the corporate blog bring benefits?

  • It is a visibility tool to make yourself known to potential prospects

Content is the king, you know. Create valuable content for readers who have stumbled upon your blog: provide relevant information, generate engagement, intrigue. In short, it gives them a reason to choose to come back to your blog and find out more about your business.

  • It is a showcase to highlight the strengths of your brand

If the site is the digital “body” of your company, we could say that the blog is its voice. What does your business want to tell about itself? Maybe the fact that it has chosen to use particular raw materials or offer services that differentiate it from other competitors. Everything is fine, as long as they are contents of some importance for the writer, but above all for the reader.

  • It is a land in which to cultivate corporate brand values

The company blog is the “first home” of storytelling: it is a fertile ground in which the seed of emotion can be planted and cultivated. In your blog you can tell a story and convey those values ​​that the users themselves share or by which they are animated. The same ones that will lead them during the purchase phase to choose your product / service compared to that of competitors.

  • It’s a boost to your site’s ranking

An adequate SEO activity can lead to the achievement of extraordinary results. Article marketing, if done with awareness and analytical spirit, favors the positioning of your site and leads you to be not only present on search engines, but clearly visible!

How to run a successful blog: skills and time

Whether you have a small, medium or large business, you will have to wait a while to see the first results, as long as it does a good job, very consistently and having adequate tools.

If, on the other hand, you do not know how to manage a successful blog or you simply do not have the time that this requires, you can rely on digital professionals, such as those of Key-One, the web agency in Milan expert in content marketing.

Contact us for advice on this and find out how a corporate blog can boost your business!


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