The digital marketing in telecommunications

Smart Agent, the channel dedicated to the agents of 3 Italia

For companies in the telecommunications sector is indispensable to approach to digital marketing strategies, in order to be able to listen to the market, to grasp opportunities and to develop strengths. In an environment dedicated to digital marketing in telecommunications  fits the channel of the Smart Agent business of 3 Italia. Born in 2007, it has as main objective the listening of the customer in order to them offer advice and strategies: telecommunications, internet and media, converge into a single multimedia terminal. To do this, 3 Italia offers its customers a competent and professional staff.

An increasingly connected digital fabric

Today we communicate using different terminals, but following a communication model that fits into an always connected social-digital fabric. Phone, which in the beginning was one of the few available telecommunications tools, today has become just one of many ways to communicate. What remains important is to have all the evidence and information available so that a good communication can be structured. Creating a true digital communication is important, in order to provide provide remote services to end users according to the rules and a shared language.

Smart digital power: a business opportunity

Thanks to the Smart Agent channel the digital and the mobile world are connected in a multi-channel strategy to generate new business opportunities and growth for companies. The latter have the opportunity to increase their online visibility through various solutions that leverage all digital channels. For 3 Italia it is crucial to communicate with its customers also through the communication on social networks and the web in general. This is how smart digital power and Smart Social in partnership with Key-One was born. An innovative Charon that face towards new technologies through two solutions that combine professionalism and experience in the field of digital and social: this is our mission.

Development of its own business in the web and mobile

3 and Key-one, thanks to Smart Digital Power are able to offer its customers a package of targeted services which are essential for the development of its own business in the web and mobile. Being absent on the network, or, being present on the web but remaining in the shadows, today means not to be founded by its customers. Leveraging digital channels to search and being searched from its own trading partners has become critical. Smart Digital Power “listens to the network” to provide an integrated digital strategy, in order to multiply the customer growth opportunities.


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