How to sell on Amazon

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Have you forgotten to buy a gift and there are onlya few hours to the party? No fear. Amazon has the solution to the problem: it can deliver your gift in 24 hours without too much trouble.
A very useful solution for customers, but what happens to those who are trying to sell online products and do not know how to sell on Amazon? Key-One has thought a solution for those who find themselves selling online without having experience in it.

Selling on Amazon

Thanks to the targeted consulting service, you can rely on online sales experts to open your own online store. The Key-One consulting service on Amazon offers:

  • Time saving, as online store management is entrusted to our team
  • achieving results based on targeted goals
  • gaining more revenue thanks to the presence on the number one market place in the world.

Amazon Optimization

If, however, you’ve already done the registration of your store on Amazon, but you’re not getting the results hoped for, we can give you all the support you need to increase sales of your online products. Our experts provide customers with their Amazon optimization techniques by: analyzing data produced; Keyword study to improve product searchability; Check the quality of the inserted images.
How do they do it? Through targeted strategies based on more productive products and the creation of a marketing plan for new expansion plans.

Online reviews management

User reviews play a key role in the network. What do customers think? How do they express it online? These are aspects that should not be neglected in the activity of your store. For this reason, our team deals with both positive and negative feedback management so that we can study a strategy for improving communication techniques. Managing online reviews needs to be done with the criterion: knowing the right answers at the right time is essential both to loyalty customers and to acquire new ones by knowing the company’s values.
Are you a seller who wants to know the Amazon world better? Contact us to find out more!


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