E-commerce site realization

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If you have a business and are thinking about the realization of an online store, you are definitely in the right place. The realization of e-commerce sites for business should be carefully meditated. A research conducted by Eurostat showed that 2 out of 3 Europeans bought online in 2016, of which only 29% refers to the Italian population, but the e-commerce market is growing. Online purchases are people aged between 55 and 74, of which at least one user on two has purchased products and services on e-commerce sites. This data is significant to understanding what is the reference audience for our e-commerce site.

Starting an online store

The realization of an e-commerce site is a real investment that should not be underestimated. To start an online store you need to rely on experts to develop your business in the right way. Before starting e-commerce sites, there are many activities you can do, such as activating a Google Adwords campaign to promote the products or services sold. This activity can hardly be carried out autonomously, and considering that it is necessary to invest a budget, it is essential that your investment result in economical results.

How to sell online

Whatever your business is, it is important to understand how to sell online and how to handle the best purchase requests that come from your e-commerce. If you do not have in-house job descriptions dedicated to this activity, you must rely on an expert agency to provide you with the most appropriate choices based on your business. From the arrival of the e-mail, to check of the availability at the warehouse, nothing should be underestimated.

E-commerce Milan

We at Key-One have been involved in designing and developing e-commerce sites in Milan for over ten years, but also throughout Italy, both B2B and B2C. We rely on a team of experienced developers who make online stores for our customers every day. From development to content writing, nothing can be left to the case in creating an e-commerce site: the next stage in development is the realization of product cards strictly realized in SEO optics. Not only on display websites, but also within e-commerce sites, content is crucial to proper placement of search engine listings. To find out all the pros and cons of having an e-commerce site, you just have to contact us and learn more!


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