Chatbots, the new frontier for your company’s Customer Care

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In recent years, Customer Care and Customer Experience have become crucial aspects of a business, on which the success of a company depends. In fact, the needs and behaviors of consumers are changing, increasingly turning to an entirely online and digital experience, fast and with effective responses; as a result, the ways in which a company interacts with its customers and new potentials also evolve. It is technological innovation that supports Customer Care with new digital tools, which allow you to always be connected: chatbots. Let’s see in detail what they are and how they can become the real protagonists of an effective relationship with their customers.

What are chatbots

Chatbots are tools based on Artificial Intelligence that have the task of simulating, in social networks, websites and e-commerce, a real conversation with a user, allowing him to interact with the company exactly as he would have done with an employee. ‘customer service. In most cases, chatbots interface with messaging platforms and, through Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing rules (NLP), they are able to manage common questions and requests providing the relative response in a very short time. . The most innovative chatbots are defined as real virtual assistants, with the ability to learn from what they are told: thanks to sophisticated language analysis and machine learning algorithms, they are able to understand the context and intent of the request of the user and to direct him towards services and products similar to the interest shown initially, thus personalizing the interaction and guiding him on a new path of discovery and purchase. They are therefore able to take advantage of predictive intelligence and data analysis to guide the user through site navigation or the purchase of a product.

What can a chatbot do

The fields of use of a chatbot are practically infinite and it can be effectively integrated into the various steps of your digital marketing strategy to achieve multiple objectives. It can be used already in the early stages of the relationship with the customer to provide various types of information and share communications and news, thus allowing the user to get to know their company and brand.

It is useful in a lead generation strategy, because it allows you to collect valuable data and information on the interests and preferences of end consumers, which can then be used for sending personalized content and messages.

The chatbot can also be used to guide its customers in their purchase path: the user can in fact interact directly in chat regarding the products and services offered, thus being able to complete a large part of their purchase path directly through the chat.

We cannot forget the use of chatbots in Customer Care and in the post-sales phase. The chatbot is in fact always available to answer users’ questions, 24/7, supporting them in solving the most common problems or directing them to the support resource, thus filtering the requests that arrive to the operators. Furthermore, it is one of the best tools to collect feedback and thus evaluate the level of customer satisfaction.

Chatbot: the best ally to improve the User Experience

It is therefore clear that using chatbots as part of your marketing strategy allows you to significantly improve the User Experience, thus bringing the company closer to the user via the digital channel. Virtual assistants in fact represent a powerful tool for social listening. They allow you to initiate interactive and above all personalized conversations with users, thus creating an immersive and unique experience: consequently, user engagement and loyalty increases. All content and information are used in an immediate, simple and above all user-friendly manner, thus eliminating those dynamics that can cause frustration in the user, such as the typical delays of an interaction via email or call center. Chatbots, in fact, allow you to serve an unlimited number of users and potential customers and no longer limited by the amount of internal human resources of the company or by pre-established working hours.

Chatbots therefore represent a tool of fundamental importance to be able to establish a relationship of value with their customers, while improving internal business processes thanks to an automatic resolution of most queries and problems.

Chatbot and e-commerce: a successful relationship

Chatbots represent an essential strategic tool for an e-commerce because they favor online conversions and sales. Integrate a virtual assistant on your website and e-commerce means guaranteeing your customers constant guidance in the purchasing process, always available to answer questions about products and services and to help the user quickly find what they need. The chatbots in an e-commerce therefore represent sales assistants, ready to recommend specific products to users, based on their tastes and interests, and to provide important recommendations to those who are still undecided on the purchase. This is possible because chatbots allow integration with the catalog of products present in e-commerce, thus managing to guarantee up-selling and cross-selling, and because they are designed to detect abandoned carts, returning visitors and points of friction. within the purchase process.

Your customers and future customers are already connected with the main messaging platforms used by chatbots and are therefore ready to interact with your virtual assistant: contact our team immediately to implement it on your website.


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