Divise Camici Gavezzoli

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  • Article Marketing
  • Social media Management
  • Sviluppo e-commerce
  • Sviluppo web e mobile


  • Website
  • On page SEO optimization
  • Technical SEO Optimization
  • Social publishing plans
  • Blog articles
  • E-commerce section


Positioning of the Brand as a reference point for the sale of professional clothing; Increase of visits to points of sale; Increase in the average customer receipt

Web & Tech

Web and Mobile Development

After an initial analysis of the customer’s needs and the criticalities of the previous site, a new site was designed and developed, characterized by the simplicity of mobile navigation and the immediate display of the product categories.

In fact, the customer needed to show, in a clear and fast way, many product catalogs that have been organized by professional sectors and can be used quickly.

In the development and definition of the UX, Key One paid particular attention to the Call to Action, to allow a transition from visit to conversion in a few clicks.

SEO e Content

Digital Copywriting

The initial situation, in terms of searchability and visibility, was quite critical.

It was therefore decided to proceed strategically, improving both organic and paid channels. Content creation was the backbone of the whole project.

Article Marketing

In addition to writing all the structural contents of the site in SEO mode, we proceeded with the development of a “News” section in which articles written by SEO copywriters were published with the dual purpose of improving the organic positioning of the site. for strategic keywords and increase user engagement.


E-commerce development

Once the site for strategic keywords was positioned in the top positions of Google, with the customer it was decided to proceed with a further step by integrating traditional sales channels with e-commerce.

Key One thus designed, developed and integrated the shop section which allowed the customer, in a short time, to begin receiving the first orders from geographic areas not covered by physical stores.

Today, Gavezzoli e-commerce, in addition to representing a consolidated sales channel, is a tool used by users from an Infocommerce perspective.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management

To complete the digital strategy, Key One structured and managed Gavezzoli’s social communication, working on various social platforms to hit the various potential customer targets.

We proceeded with the creativity and planning of posts for Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin.

Next Project


Increase the number of registrations to the Car Sharing Service; Improve the perception of the service by users; Increase the frequency of use of the service by customers