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Positioning of the Brand as a reference point in low cost men's hairdressing in Milan; Increase of visits to the Salons; Optimization in the management of reservations

Web & Tech

Web and mobile development

L’italiano Parrucchieri is a low-cost chain of hairdressers for men and women, with 8 salons in the city of Milan. The customer’s main need was to make better use of the digital channel to position itself as an industry leader in the metropolitan area and achieve a growth in the number of customers in salons.

For this reason we started with an analysis of the customer’s distinctive characteristics and with an analysis of the competition. Subsequently, Key One started a graphic study that led to the definition of a new site able to communicate all the peculiarities in the best possible way, to facilitate the location of the salons.

While creating the new website, we applied all available SEO techniques to improve our organic ranking on Google’s SERP. During the pandemic, we adapted to the distancing rules and regulations imposed by the Ministerial Decrees for fighting Covid-19 by revising our booking process. We developed an online booking section on our website that allows customers to choose a salon, check availability, and book appointments in just a few steps. This tool has significantly optimized the management of customer flow in our salons and improved staff efficiency. Today, L’Italiano Parrucchieri consistently ranks among the top results on Google for local searches in men’s hairdressing.

Digital Marketing

Google Advertising

Here’s a revised version of the text: “From the outset of the project, we recognized the crowded nature of the industry and the aggressive digital marketing strategies employed by our competitors. Relying solely on paid advertising was deemed risky in terms of both ROI and communication effectiveness. Instead, we opted for a medium-to-long-term strategy that focused on consistently adding SEO-optimized content to a “Blog” section.
This approach proved successful and yielded the following results:

  • Positioning of over 1000 keywords on the first page of Google

  • Reduced investment compared to any Pay per Click strategy

  • Substantial improvement in user engagement

  • Strengthening of Brand Awareness

  • Increased Conversion Rate

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management

To complete the digital strategy, Key One structured and managed the social communication of L’Italiano Parrucchieri, mainly acting on Facebook and Instagram.

We proceeded by applying the integration of contents created in the Agency with contents created directly by the client in his salons. In this way it was possible to maintain a very high level of quality, but at the same time “representative” of the reality of the salons, their staff and their customers.

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Positioning of the Brand as a reference point for the sale of professional clothing; Increase of visits to points of sale; Increase in the average customer receipt