Consulenza e strategia, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, SEO e Content


  • Article Marketing
  • Digital copywriting
  • Google Advertising
  • Outreach


  • Brand positioning analysis on the German market
  • Brand campaigns and B2B lead generation
  • Multi-channel organic posts and ADS campaigns
  • SEO optimized blog articles


Positioning of the German brand on the Italian market through organic communication and advertising activities aimed at the growth of notoriety and brand reputation.

Consulenza e strategia

Digital Strategy

GEALAN is a German multinational, part of VEKA AG, and one of the European leaders in the production of PVC profiles for windows and doors.
Already present and known on the Italian market towards an exclusively B2B audience (window manufacturers and retailers), it was looking for a partner able to evaluate feasibility and methods for an expansion of the existing market and the opening of its brand to the market B2C.

After an extensive pre-analysis of the brand’s positioning on the market, Key-One developed a communication strategy that involved various channels:

  • Google

  • Facebook, Intagram, Linkedin and Spotify

  • Outreach to online industry verticals

  • Blog articles for an increase in the organic positioning of the site

Key-One, in line with the directives of the GEALAN corporate, contributed to the substantial revision of the tone of voice and the issues addressed, with great attention to the issues of sustainability and building redevelopment:
activities that have contributed to significant growth in the consumer audience.
Also on a graphic level, various innovations have been introduced in the treatment and enhancement of GEALAN products and services.

Digital Marketing

Google Advertising

The activity of Google ADV focused, in the first quarter of activity, mainly on Branding campaigns. It was, in fact, necessary to contribute to the diffusion and notoriety of the brand, by intercepting an audience that, up to that moment, had shown interest in more well-known competitors in the Italian market.

Search and Discovery campaigns were activated, creating graphic banners and ads in line with the new look & feel defined during the analysis and definition of the strategy.
Right from the start, the campaigns contributed to a steady and rapid growth in conversions (phone calls and manufacturer research), reaching a peak of + 150% conversions compared to the previous quarter.
In the second half of the year, having now reached a high level of notoriety, a more aggressive strategy was defined, focusing directly on the products and solutions of the GEALAN range.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management

Opening and growth of the B2C market is one of the main KPIs of the project: consequently, the Social Media Marketing activity is currently the main focus of Key-One and GEALAN.

In the first phase, Key-One opened the Facebook and Instagram channels – previously inactive – and revised and optimized the existing Linkedin channel.
Based on an agreed monthly editorial plan, enormous interest in the public was immediately generated through the social channels, thanks also to heartfelt issues such as sustainability and economic circular. Fundamental themes of GEALAN’s production strategy. Thanks to the constant publication activity on the various channels, the creation of captivating graphics, stories and texts, and an ADV strategy coordinated with Google, GEALAN today has a following of over 3000 followers and high engagement from all channels.

SEO e Content

Article Marketing

The activity has the primary purpose of contributing to the organic positioning of some important brand and product keywords, as well as addressing specific issues of the Italian market and which, due to the limitations of the international multisite, cannot have dedicated static pages.

In the semester, the site was positioned for an increasing number of keywords.

Digital Copywriting

In the logic of positioning GEALAN on the Italian market, we also focused on the engagement of new users from the organic channel and on the stylistic revision of the texts.

After a first phase of SEO Audit that allowed to detect various critical issues that penalized the organic positioning and consequently had an important impact on the general traffic of the site, Key One started an important On-site Optimization activity which, in addition to improving the positioning organic, has the purpose of positively influencing the Conversion Rate and Quality Score of the pages. The activity is ongoing.

Next Project

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